BREAKING: Another Major Hole Found In Trump's NYC Case

Written by: Clayton Keirns



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Jonathan Turley weighed in on the start of former President Donald Trump's first criminal trial in Manhattan on Monday, telling Fox News viewers that the case, brought by Democratic District Attorney Alvin Bragg, is a "legally absurd" political hit job.

Turley, a conservative legal scholar and professor at George Washington University, has been an outspoken critic of bias in the judicial system against President Trump across his various criminal cases. Trump's hush money trial, he said, may be the most ridiculous of all.

"Everything about this case is, in my view, legally absurd. This case is basically a state misdemeanor that had run out on the statute of limitations, and Bragg was forced after he declined for a long time to bring this charge to do so. His predecessor rejected it," he explained.

"They took a dead misdemeanor and bootstrapped it into effectively trying a federal crime. But the federal crime here under election law was rejected by the Department of Justice. They didn't feel that this should be charged."

Walking into court on Monday, President Trump excoriated the justice system for its "assault on our country."

"This is political persecution," said the former president as he strode into Manhattan court accompanied by a phalanx of lawyers and family members, according to the AP .

"You have this crazy case that's going to go forward and it's going to turn on the testimony of people like Michael Cohen, and Michael Cohen just recently had a judge call him a serial perjurer. He's going to appear as the center of this case," Turley added.