BUSTED: Democrats Using Sneaky Trick To Keep Power Through ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS

Written by: Clayton Keirns



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America First legal president and former Trump White House advisor Stephen Miller explained how illegal immigration is drastically skewing political representation in the United States due to the fact that illegal aliens are counted in the census.

X and SpaceX owner Elon Musk recently drew attention to the seldom discussed topic. "Most Americans are still unaware that the census counts ALL people, including illegal immigrants, for deciding how many House seats each state gets," Musk wrote in an X post last week. "This results in Dem states getting roughly 20 more House seats, which is another strong incentive for them not to deport illegals."

Former President Trump attempted to end the practice through executive action in 2020, though it was immediately rescinded by President Biden less than three months later.

When asked whether he agrees with Musk's assessment that Democrats are allowing increased illegal immigration in order to maintain political control, Miller immediately responded with "oh of course."

"There's broadly construed, there are three immediate objectives Democrats have with respect to open borders. And those are, one, this already happens, they're counted in the census, which means more congressional seats for states with legal aliens and electoral college votes," he said. "California would have half of the electoral college votes it has right now, but for illegal immigration. Think about that. The electoral map you know, where this automatic giant behemoth of electoral college votes is delivered to the left immediately, is because of illegal immigration."

Miller went on to point out that citizenship verification is not required when requesting a valid form of identification.

"There's no citizenship verification to vote in American elections. Very few people realize this. You get, if you ask for it, you get a form and it says, are you a citizen, yes or no? If you check the yes box, that is it," he said. "Every state that has tried to validate that, and the federal government does zero validation, has been blocked successfully in court, now going on for more than 20 years. This is a true statement without exaggeration. There's not a single state in this country where illegal aliens cannot vote simply by checking a box. And as you can imagine, the potential for massive fraud there is increased exponentially with mass mail-in voting."