Kathy Griffin blames Trump for her psychological issues

Written by: Clayton Keirns



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Kathy Griffin is looking back on her violent, anti-Trump past with regret, telling “The View” hosts earlier this week that she was left jobless and in a psychiatric ward as a result of the blowback she received.

Her voice rising, the comedian told the liberal panel of talk show hosts about the consequences of her decision in 2017 to release a photo of her holding a bloody, severed head of former President Donald Trump.

“Six years I was out of work because of that ****. There I said what it was, all because of a picture!” she shouted, arms waving. “A picture I took making fun of the president!”

Asked by Sara Haines whether she now claims to have PTSD as a result of the ordeal, where she “survived career cancellation and a federal investigation,” Griffin went on.

“No fly list. INTERPOL list, stopped at every airport,” she moaned. “Pill addiction, suicide attempt, and I was on a psych hold for three days.”

Threats against the president, especially Trump, are nothing new, but Griffin’s action was particularly memorable for the graphic photo. She lost her gig co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage. The comedian who starred in Bravo’s “My Life on the D List” said her status fell to the “S” list after her bit.