MASSIVE Trump Mugshot Unveiled At Yankee Stadium, Liberals Lose It

Written by: Clayton Keirns



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Less than a day before former President Donald Trump’s rally in New York’s Bronx, several Yankees fans decided to recognize his patriotism at Wednesday’s game, unfurling a gigantic banner featuring his mugshot.

Photographs of the unveiling circulated on X showing two male attendees on the upper deck and holding the banner as it draped down for prime visibility during the singing of the national anthem. Above Trump’s photo read the phrase “Never Surrender.”

Predictably, liberals who attended the Bronx game lost their minds and fretted about Trump’s South Bronx rally happening Thursday evening.

One claimed the former president was wasting his time coming to the sapphire-blue borough. “So because a small group of people bright this flag to a Yankees game, you think trump will win nyc? 🤣” they wrote.

“Gonna love all the clueless MAGA cult members getting robbed and slashed after the rally! I am a native NYer who went to hundreds of Yankees games.. careful where you walk after any event in Bx. There are cops all over but as you get further away it’s dicy. Good luck deplorables!” a third wrote ominously.

One female Yankees fan said Republicans’ stance on abortion would blow up in Trump’s face when he arrives. “Y’all are really doing this again aren’t you. your inability to see the amount of hatred towards trump and the anger from women re: health care/reproduction rights is mind boggling,” she wrote.

“Fox News was touting the event as Trump in Bronx like he would in the streets except it’s in Yankee Stadium. The only place white people wil go. 😂😂😂”

In fact, President Trump will be at Crotona Park in South Bronx, New York beginning at 6 p.m., according to the Post Millennial . The location is a 45-minute walk away from the stadium and deep into the South Bronx, site of some of the city’s largest low-income housing projects. The Post also noted a rally on Saturday by Black voters featuring a sign that read “The South Bronx for Donald Trump” and waving Trump flags as they looked forward to seeing the Republican pay attention to their neighborhoods.

Advisors to Trump believe there’s an outside chance that the state of New York could be in play if the campaign cleaves enough urban support away from President Joe Biden, who holds just a 9% lead despite winning the state by over 23% just four years ago, according to FiveThirtyEight . President Trump said much the same during a recent visit to Harlem as he stopped at the bodega where an employee shot and killed a robber in self-defense. Manslaughter charges brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg were later dropped.

“We’re making a big play for New York. I love this city, and it’s gotten so bad in the last three years, four years, and we’re going to straighten New York out,” said the president, a Queens native.