Pelosi Has Senior Moment On Live TV

In a recent appearance on MSNBC, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a noticeable gaffe while discussing former President Donald Trump, inadvertently confusing him with current President Joe Biden.

The slip-up occurred during a segment where Pelosi was criticizing Trump's mental acuity.

During the interview, Pelosi stated, "Well, let me just say I'm not going to spend too much time on Donald Trump's cognitive disorders."

When speaking about January 6th, Pelosi said, "He tried to say that Nikki Haley did not allow the National Guard to come, but it was Nancy Pelosi... It was Joe... It was Donald Trump."


  • Regina Welch

    Just the facts mam.

  • Mommybird8

    All that matters is now everyone knows Pelosi was in charge of the security but she wasn’t interviewed regarding what happened January 6. The whole thing was a scam! Be smart vote Trump!

  • TR

    Seems one can’t fix stupid that includes MSNBC

  • Carole Wenger

    What a corrupt hag has been- for the past 40 yrs!

  • Jefe21107

    The drunken clown says WHAT!!!

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