Trump Opens Up About His Relationship With Melania

In an interview with Fox News, former President Donald Trump opened up about his family, particularly focusing on his wife, Melania Trump. The former president praised Melania for her intelligence, explaining that she played a significant role during his presidency and would continue to do so.

"She's very smart, a very compassionate person. She wants to make America great again, too," Trump said. "And I would rely on her for advice and all of the others.

Reflecting on the previous election, Trump mentioned the challenges his family faced due to their involvement in politics. "They did such a great job last time and they really were gone after by people that were very unfair," he said, alluding to the scrutiny and investigations his family underwent.

While discussing his children, Trump highlighted their resilience in the face of constant media attention and political opposition. Additionally, Trump provided a personal tidbit about his son Barron, revealing that he is now 6'8" tall.


  • Terry L.Edgemon

    We miss and need you back so bad…our Country is falling apart and you are the only one that can make America strong and fix this mess that the Democrats have made!!! God keep you and your family safe until we have you back in control💯💯♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • art

    to bad the dems think we the people should not elect the president, we should just let them pick who they want or more to the point who they don’t want, am sorry they are putting you through this.

  • Elizabeth Fundell

    I have always ben a huge Trump fan and i alys will. Trump is he only one that can get us back on track!

  • Ruby Hopper

    Welcome back to the White House. I know you have never stopped being the President. You love America.

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