Trump Celebrates Big Court Win; "Momentous Day"

Former President Donald Trump recently addressed the media following what he described as a “momentous day” in the appeal hearing related to the ongoing 2020 election case. Trump focused on two primary points during his speech: his belief in the unfairness of political opponents being prosecuted by the Department of Justice (DOJ), and his ongoing claims of voter fraud in the previous elections.


The DC Circuit Court of Appeals conducted a hearing today to deliberate on the potential dismissal of the federal election subversion case against Trump. The focus of the hearing was on Trump’s assertion of presidential immunity. No cameras were allowed in the courtroom during the proceeding.


Trump conveyed his satisfaction with the concessions made during the hearing, claiming they were “very, very big, very powerful points.” He further criticized the Biden administration’s DOJ for prosecuting a political opponent, implying that it was a tactic due to their poor performance in the polls.

He stated, “They’re losing in every poll. They’re losing in almost every demographic… I think they feel this is the way they’re going to try and win. And that’s not the way it goes.”


“When they talk about a threat to democracy, that’s your real threat to democracy,” Trump said. Reiterating his stance, he also claimed to have uncovered “tremendous voter fraud” and criticized the press for not reporting on these findings.


The notion that the 3-judge panel already has an order written conveys an expectation or perception that the panel is likely to affirm Judge Chutkan’s decision. This indicates a perception that the decision on whether Trump has immunity from criminal prosecution is more or less predetermined in favor of Judge Chutkan’s stance, which is that Trump does not have such immunity.


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