WATCH: Clintons Get Roasted By Hecklers Outside Manhattan Event

Written by: Clayton Keirns



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A raucous chorus of condemnations rained down on Bill and Hillary Clinton during a Thursday night appearance in midtown Manhattan.

Video on X shows the presidential power couple flanked by Secret Service and leaving what appears to be a theater when confronted by pro-Palestinian agitators who called the former president guilty of genocide and Hillary the "ultimate super predator."

"Hillary Clinton, hi! Has anyone told you you are the super predator?" asks a male protestor. "You're responsible for the deaths of millions."

"Bill Clinton! You're a genocide supporter, f*** you!" he yelled at her husband.

The couple scrambled into their waiting dark SUV, but the protestors tried to further provoke them by aiming their phone cameras into the vehicle's windshield.

"F****** piece of s*** Hillary! We can see you sitting in your f****** card from the g****** Broadway show!" yelled a female protestor. "Over 34,000 people are dead, Hillary!"

The SUV took its time pulling away before running into traffic. Angry protestors chased it not far down the street, mocking Hillary for moving to the back seat and away from the untainted windshield.

Schisms in the Democratic Party over the Israel-Palestine war have grown by the day, culminating in the death of seven World Central Kitchen aid workers by its air force. New York protestors have previously chased Squad member and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her boyfriend out of a movie theater, denouncing the far-left progressive for allegedly refusing to call the war a genocide, which she denied.

President Joe Biden has remained trapped between an American public largely supportive of Israel and his pro-Palestinian party base. In a number of presidential primaries, large swaths of Democrats have scorned the incumbent by opting to vote for "no preference" or " none of the above ," capturing up to 15% of statewide vote totals in some cases.

Protestors have also targeted the home of top staffers to the president. Last month, a vehicle threw what was later revealed to be feces at the home of national security advisor Jake Sullivan , prompting a bomb squad to cordon off the area and check security cameras for the perps.