WATCH: CNN Realizes Mid-Segment How Screwed They Are

Written by: Clayton Keirns



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CNN anchor Anderson Cooper appeared visibly taken aback as political analyst Harry Enten detailed Donald Trump's surging support among Hispanic voters, challenging conventional expectations. The analysis showed a significant shift in Hispanic voter sentiment, with a considerable amount expressing their greater trust in Trump over Biden on critical issues such as border security and immigration.

According to CNN polls, 49% of Hispanic voters indicated they trust Trump more to handle border security and immigration, compared to only 24% for President Joe Biden. Despite expectations of a backlash to Trump's rhetoric, the data suggests Hispanic voters are increasingly aligning with Trump's policies on these pivotal matters.

Historically, the Hispanic vote has been a stronghold for the Democratic Party, with President Biden securing their overwhelming support by over 20 percentage points in the previous election. However, recent polls reveal a narrowing gap, with Biden leading by a mere two points among Hispanic voters in a hypothetical ballot test.

"It would be the smallest margin for any Democratic candidate among Hispanic voters, basically throughout history since we started polling the gosh darn thing," said political analyst Harry Enten. "So the fact is at this point, there's no backlash. And at this point, I don't see one coming."

The potential shift could mark the smallest margin for any Democratic candidate among Hispanic voters in modern polling history. Despite prior assumptions from Democrats, there appears to be no backlash against Trump from Hispanic voters at this juncture. Instead, their growing support for Trump's stance on border security and immigration could signify a broader reevaluation of political preferences within this key voting bloc.

Despite facing a range of legal challenges, the former President appears to lead in early polls against a struggling Joe Biden. A New York Times/Siena College poll also showed Trump’s rising popularity among minority voters.

The poll, which has caused some concern among Democrats, indicated that a significant number of black and Hispanic voters believe Trump's policies have been more beneficial to them than Joe Biden's.

In the poll , American voters have a noticeable preference for the policies of Trump over those of Biden. This is the first time since the 1912 election—when Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft vied for the presidency—that voters have the opportunity to directly compare the records of two individuals who have served as president.